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Tv Repair service in Houston

Millions of Americans depend on their televisions to provide them with hours of entertainment, as well as the ability to stay up to date on current affairs. With certain TVs having the ability to connect to the internet, televisions can now be an all-in-one entertainment center for most people.

At Delfix Technologies we repair Tvs and have been fixing all sorts of televisions for over 3 years now. It is frustrating when any type of expensive electronic equipment breaks, but before you decide to throw away money on a new TV, come see us at Delfix. We will be happy to repair your TV. Currently we only offer in-shop Tv repair.

We are capable of repairing a variety of TVs, including the following types:

- Plasma TV

Our TV repair technicians are friendly, professional, and have years of combined experience. We will always work as quickly as we can in order to get your television back to you as soon as possible, because customer satisfaction is very important to us.

If you are in need of TV repair in Houston, Tx, head over to Delfix Technologies!
We are experienced in repairing major brands including
LG, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Philips, Grundig, JVC, Pioneer and many more……..

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