Tablets and Cell phone Repair

Have you damaged your device? Do you have a cracked screen, faulty speaker or your battery won’t last half a day? Need it fixed quickly and professionally? We can help!

Our Techs can fix cracked screens, replace batteries and help with a whole range of other issues for all major brands including but not limited to Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

We know how important your Tablet or Cell phone to you for everyday use  whether it be for business, personal or educational. you need to get it repaired quickly and effectively.

As technology smartens every day, our technicians are continuously working to keep up to date with the latest Tablet and Cell phone repair techniques. We understand how fragile tablets are, and have dealt with many being damaged from being accidentally dropped. Delfix Technologies understand how expensive some tablets and cell phones are, and that’s why it offers free diagnosis and a reasonable fixed price so you know from day one. Delfix also Carries Tablet and Cell phones Accessories.

Brands of Tablets and Cell Phone repair we do

  • Samsung

  • Lenovo

  • Acer

  • Asus

  • Sony

  • And many more…

Our team deal with a number of common issues related to Tablet and Cell phone:

* Hardware/Start up problems

* Dropped tablet (multitude of issues)

* Cracked/Smashed/Scratched screens

* Power/Battery issues

* Software/Program installation error

* Broken/Faulty points or sockets

iPhone X before and fter repair

Three key tips we like from What to do If Your Android Tablet or Cell phone Won’t Turn On: A Check List:

  • Check to see if your battery is completely dead then plug it in to a power supply and get some power before doing anything else.
  • Determine whether your phone is on, but your display isn’t working by pressing the power button until it shuts off and then turning it bak on again to see if you hear a boot sound or feel a vibration
  • Think about whether you recently dropped your phone or got it wet, as this is a common cause for it not turning on.
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